Danesi’s coffee is rich in stories.

Coffee is a woman

Coffee is a woman ladies and gentlemen. This statement may seem strong, perhaps displacing a little. Someone might even think that here we want to “discuss the sex of angels”. Yet, coffee is really a woman: the female role in the world of coffee is not only fundamental, but even predominant. However, unfortunately, nobody in the coffee world is more

The methods of coffee processing

  What is the best coffee? When someone asks me which coffee is the best coffee, I like to reply with a smile: “it’s what each of us like to drink”. But, if the person that asked the question instead was eager to investigate the topic of what really is the best coffee in the world, then I would respond

Variations on the theme

I say it now, plain and clear: The coffee that we Italians love most along with the one made with the mocha, and perhaps the only one that we really consider, is certainly the espresso. Concentrated, intense, to be drunk in a ceramic cup or in a glass cup. What’s more classic or better than that? However, both in Italy

The Modernity of an Ancient Coffee

Technology has now become an essential component not only in our daily lives, but also in the working world bringing with it numerous advantages. At Danesi for instance we have equipped ourselves with modern and innovative resources that optimize in the specific processing and production steps in order to ensure the best quality of coffee produced overtime. To our great

One coffee at a time

“Gutta Cavat lapidem” (The drop digs the stone), stated an ancient Latin proverb. The meaning is simple but profound: every little gesture, if repeated and shared, can lead to great results. Or, in other words: one step at a time allows you to get really far towards a desired destination. And if I told you even with “one cup of

The Coffee intermittences

Inspired by a famous book* of José Saramago (Nobel Prize for Literature), I invite anyone to ask himself this question: what would happen if suddenly coffee disappeared from the world? It seems like a surreal question, but let’s try to imagine for an instant what would happen if indeed it happened for real.   Our days in the post-coffee era

A “pink” coffee

If someone talks to you about pink coffee you would probably twist your nose at the idea of a coffee with a similar color. But today I want to talk about a really pink coffee. I’m not crazy and we at Danesi certainly did not decide to put strange substances in our blends. Yet a pink coffee exists, even if

Coffee flour

If during a conversation someone told you that flour is the most used food in the world, or that coffee is the most consumed drink after water, you would not be very surprised. But try to imagine that you were told that there is a flour – with which bread, pasta, desserts can be made –  made not from wheat but