Danesi Caffè participates as leading partner in the COMETA project (Quality testing of organoleptic properties of COffee blends via genetic and METAbolic fingerprinting) co-funded by Lazio Innova through the call for tender KETs-Key Enabling Technologies as an integrated project in Life Sciences specialization area.

The project partnership also includes Genechron Biotech Company and effective contribute is provided by ENEA and Campus Biomedico University of Rome as research institutions.


The COMETA project aims at achieving a multisensorial electronic system able to detect specific gas-phase chemical compounds released during the roasting process, the analysis of which allows optimal process parameters to be accurately identified. A more thorough investigation of such process parameters is of key importance since they originate those specific organoleptic properties characterizing the coffee brew.

The project will carry out a genetic fingerprinting of different coffee species and varieties whose Danesi blends are made up. Such compounds will be associated to their genetic origin through the determination of metabolites released within the roasting process.

With COMETA project we therefore intend to transfer our 100-year-old knowledge and expertise in producing Italian coffee into an electronic system to be used in the roasting process.

Danesi has received overall an amount of € 144.652,93 as eligible costs to implement the project against which € 88.788,88 have been granted under POR FESR LAZIO 2014 – 2020 Public Notice “KETs Enabling Technologies” regional funding.